Slovakian with English Subtitle
1 x 52 min
Worldwide except for Slovakia and Czech Republic

The film portrays the non-traditional and one-of-a-kind breeding of horses in natural conditions on the Muránska plateau in Slovakia and the lives of people taking care of the horses the whole year round. Being strongly poetic, the film focuses on the wild character and fragility of nature, unique flora and fauna of this National Park. Although the breed is not an original species, we can assess its impact as a positive one. If wild nature is the most genuine environment for animals and the development of their skills, one can hardly claim the same for the people breeding the horses as their life is far from easy. Despite this fact they opted to swap comfort for a life with horses. Their motivation must be a strong one and for many of them, their childhood dream has come true. These people are unique just as the animals they care for.

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