How the World Sleeps

OneGate Media
German and English (1 episode only)
4 x 30 mins

Human beings spend around a third of their lives asleep. Sleeping habits, however, vary according to age, living conditions and nationality. Nonetheless, recuperative sleep is the prerequisite for health, performance and well-being. But unfortunately, in almost all corners of the world, people are sleeping less and more poorly. Sleep expert Dr. Michael Feld has examined the way people of different backgrounds and cultures cope with sleep and insomnia. How do people in France, Spain, the USA and Japan manage to make it through the night? What are the clichés and myths, and what is fact? He scrutinizes old habits, takes a close look at new concepts and has tips for a healthy, good night’s sleep.

1. France
2. USA
3. Japan (English)
4. Spain

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