Ireland’s Wild Journeys | 爱尔兰的狂野之旅

3 x 50 min
Worldwide except for Ireland

This three-part series features Ireland’s most heroic wildlife travellers and the incredible journeys they carry out every single year. From the 8,000km flown annually by the Manx Shearwaters to the transatlantic voyages of our eels and salmon, ‘Wild Journeys’ follows these voyagers to the ends of the Earth, showing the extraordinary challenges they meet and revealing the magnificent landscapes they visit en route.
The series publicises the vital work of Irish scientists as they tag and track the animals across the globe and reveals the amazing network of wildlife that links all life across the continents; how global warming directly affects our Barnacle Geese as they struggle to cope with a rapidly changing Arctic and the extraordinary distances covered by our marine animals.

这个由三部分组成的系列介绍了爱尔兰最英勇的野生动物,以及令人难以置信的年度旅途。海鸥每年从曼克斯飞行8000公里, 鳗鱼和鲑鱼横渡大西洋的航行,《爱尔兰的狂野之旅》跟随这些野生动物到地球的尽头,展示它们遇到的非凡挑战和沿途的壮丽景色。

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