Meno-Start – Why Women Over 50 no Longer Want to be Invisible

ORF-E | 2022
1 x 52 min

The menopause is one of the last great taboos in our society. Topics such as feminism, #MeToo, menstruation and anything to do with the female body have been “hip” for years, and received high attention by the media. But what about the menopause? Few women talk openly about it: hot flushes and sudden sweating are usually cause for laughter in movies, TV series and literature – in public discourse, women of this age remain invisible, quasi genderless beings to this day. The value of women is still measured by their ability to reproduce, and thus by their femininity. Yet, there have never been so many women in full-time employment at the age of 50. Slowly but surely, views of this phase of life are changing, and the menopause is not only seen as a time of upheaval, but also as a time of opportunity. Isn’t it time for a new image of women in midlife?

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