Nature Tech – How Engineers Are Inspired by Nature’s Top Designs

3 x 45 min / 3 x 50 min
Worldwide except for Germany and France

In the last decade a new way of thinking has opened up startling new possibilities for the future of science and technology. Sometimes called Biomimetics, sometimes Bionics, it uses nature as a starting point for ideas for anything from different ways of exploring Mars to how to design a city of the future. Life has existed on our planet for nearly 4 billion years, and in that time natural selection has had to solve all the varied problems of life. When some scientists suggested that we should stop re-inventing the wheel and learn how to seek inspiration from the natural world, they realised that there were answers out there to questions that we haven’t even asked yet. In 3 one hour programmes, ‘Nature Tech’ uses state of the art CGI and specialist ultra high speed, time lapse and scanning microscopy techniques to explore the cutting edge of this new science in astounding images and to come up with some surprising visions for our future.

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