Russia – In the Realm of Tigers, Bears and Volcanoes

OneGate Media
1 x 50 mins

Until now, the sheer size of Russia as well as logistical hurdles have prevented a
comprehensive presentation of the wonders of Russia’s nature. The biggest wilderness in the world stretches across one-eighth of the planet’s land mass. The most famous among these regions is the taiga: endless coniferous forests, crisscrossed by rivers, streams, and bogs. But Russia has so much more in store. We present a diverse, even exotic country with a vast array of different landscapes, animals, and natural phenomena. From Wrangel Island in the Polar Sea high up in the north to the mountains of the Caucasus with peaks well over 5,500 meters, from silent fairy-tale forests with thick moss cushions in the Ural Mountains to the volcanic landscapes of Kamchatka where fire and ice rule. The country is home to rare species some of them endemic such as the Russian Desman. The biggest predators roam the vast wilderness such as the Kamchatka Bear and the Amur Tiger. But diversity is endangered, and taking stock of the wealth in animals has the highest priority. Very soon, it may become difficult to film some species in the wild. The film takes the audience on a journey to all the major habitats of Russia and the fascinating animals living there, a journey they will never forget.

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