The Big Quit – Getting Out of the Labor Market!

1 x 43 min

How has the Covid crisis changed the way we live and work? A revolution is taking place in the labor market: In the US and the UK, more people are quitting than ever before – a phenomenon that has made headlines as the “Big Quit” or the “Great Resignation”. In the turmoil of a unique historical crisis, more and more employees in Austria are also questioning whether their jobs are compatible with their lives. They no longer want to be subjected to poor pay, work pressure, permanent performance monitoring and a lack of work-life balance. The new generation on the labor market – the Millennials and Generation Z – no longer want to work the same way as the generations before. In the U.S., Irishman Joe O’Connor has launched the world’s largest attempt to reform the world of work with a four-day week, and online giant Amazon has been unable to stop workers from forming a union. Companies are desperate for workers and want to know what makes the younger generation tick. Older workers from the so-called baby boomer generation are gradually retiring, but fewer young people are taking their place. This means that companies will now have to start applying to employees and not the other way around.

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