1 x 50 mins

In 2014 the breathtaking landing of the Rosetta Mission on a comet unveils most secrets about our existence and the genesis of the solar system. After a 10-year-journey straight across the universe the space probe «Rosetta» finally landed its robot «Philae» on the comet Tschurjumov-Gerassimenko. With this major mission scientists anticipate to get long-desired information about our existence and the sun system’s evolution. This mission and many other upcoming explorations of ESA and NASA will lead to future missions, such as the return to the Moon and later, scheduled for 2030 on to Mars. Within the last 50 years of Space Exploration NASA and ESA achieved successfully after the spectacular moonlanding in 1969, several groundbreaking robotic landings on most Planets of our solar system and to «populate» the near Earth orbit with the human technological masterpiece – the International Space Station – ISS. In fact our daily life also depends irreplaceably on satellites and digital communication via space. This film tells the story of an adventurous mission of 50 years of European space history in association with ESA and NASA filming on location in Austria, Germany, the Netherlands, Russia and France.

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