Above the World (4K)

ORF-E | 2023
1 x 100 min
German with English subtitles
Worldwide except for Germany and France

Also known as Märzengrund.

Starring Johannes Krisch (Revanche, A Hidden Life, In the Fade)

The expectations for Elias are high. He is not only an excellent student, but also the son of the richest big farmer in the Zillertal Valley. Soon he is to take over the farm. But the more desperately he tries to fulfill the role intended for him, the more he senses that he wants to lead a completely different life. Elias slips into a state of depression and lies in bed for weeks. When he regains his strength, his father sends Elias to an alpine pasture, the “Märzengrund”, which he is to care for over the summer. When his family wants to pick him up after half a year, Elias refuses. He moves further up to the mountains, above the tree line, where wilderness and loneliness await him. There he develops an almost paradisiacal relationship with nature. Here, at last, Elias finds what he has always longed for down in the valley: unconditional freedom. “Above the World” is the touching and at the same time gripping story of a man who radically rebels against a society in which money reigns and where only those who are rich in possessions seem to matter.

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