My Life as Lotta

OneGate Media
German with English subtitles

Bingo Flamingo (88 mins)
11-year-old Lotta’s family can be hard work at times. Luckily, she can always count on her best friend, Cheyenne. But their friendship is tested to the limit when their classmate Berenike fails to invite the pair to her party. The two girls are prepared to use every trick in the book to wangle an invitation.

Okey Dokey Alpaca (95 mins)
A missing girl and a classmate’s unwelcome advances are overshadowing Lotta’s school trip to Amrum. If Lotta and her gang are to stand any chance of finding the girl, they are going to have to team up with their worst enemies.

Was awarded the Gilde Filmprize for “Best Children’s Film” at the Filmkunstmesse in Leipzig.

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