Sound of Winter – The Little Match Girl

1 x 105 min

On three levels of action (real world/puppet world/dream world) we take you on a fictional journey through the wintry side of the city of Salzburg. The main character is a puppet who, in her dreams, turns into a real girl roaming the city. Music is her constant companion. In the puppet world, it’s folk music; in the dream world, the story about the girl is carried by Mozart’s music. It gives comfort, joie de vivre, encourages and connects people with each other. In her (puppet) world, the puppet is a miserable figure who is repeatedly rejected. Following the motif of Andersen’s fairy tale, the puppet lights one match after another to escape her dreary existence into a dream world. In six dream sequences, she experiences what she was previously denied. The musical visions and the courage of our protagonist lead to a “lieto fine”, in which old and new friends meet at the end of the story.

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