OneGate Media
German with English subtitle
1 x 90 min

In 1916, the scandalous dancer Mata Hari is approached by the German secret service. Penniless and addicted to fame, she agrees. Mademoiselle Docteur, alias Elisabeth Schragmüller, chief of German counterintelligence, has just a week’s time to prepare her for her first mission in Paris. A crash course in espionage.
This film traces the encounters of these two so very different women. Mata Hari – a nom de plume – can look back on a career as a nude dancer and courtesan that made her world famous. Elisabeth Schragmüller is one of Germany’s first women to receive a degree. Through harshness and a brilliant mind, she rose to become the most powerful woman in the German army. She was feared, and dark rumours concerning her sexual charisma surrounded her. Two women, two life concepts collide with one another. Elisabeth Schragmüller is a precursor of the emancipated woman, Mata Hari made herself subordinate to men. This could never end in friendship.
Finally, it is Schragmüller who personally orders Mata Hari’s cover to be blown – in order to protect her own identity. Mata Hari’s execution 1917 in Paris is her final, unforgotten appearance. Elisabeth Schragmüller was lost in the annals of the secret service.

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