1521 – The Fugger Empire

2 x 45 min / 1 x 50 min / 2 x 52 min / 1 x 96 min

In 1521, the Fugger family finally decides, or rather must decide, to take over mining in Tyrol. Political, social, and economic upheavals lead to new beginnings for Europe’s economic structure. The necessary money was provided by the silver region of Tyrol. Today, the silver region and the modern city of Schwaz not merely stand at its center – Tyrol is the Silicon Valley of Europe in 1521. It is not only the mining riches – silver, copper, lead, and iron – that were dug out of the mountains, but countless other trades such as forges, smelters, charcoal burners, and many more join the mining industry. Streams are dammed, alpine pastures repopulated, and entire forests are cut down. No stone is left unturned: the world is changing and the focus is on Tyrol as it is driving the transformation. The Fugger family spans a dense network across Europe and is closely connected to other mining dynasties, such as the Hungarian noble family Thurzo. The film focusses on the year 1521, a significant year in history and people of the Fugger Empire.

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