A Wolf’s Choice – Family or Freedom?

1 x 60 min

The wolf is a predator. Big teeth and a bloody mouth. Meant to put fear in young and old alike. And yet, why did the writer Rudyard Kipling place his protagonist boy-hero Mowgli in a wolf pack? Interesting, isn’t it? What does a wolf really think of his wolf family? Does he choose to live with his family, or maybe it’s better to be alone, to have freedom and not depend on anyone? We have a unique opportunity to observe the real relationships between the wolves of a wild forest. We follow a pair of loving wolves, we see the true life of a lone wolf—we are embedded in the wolf pack. One film exposes all aspects of a wolf’s life. We are made aware of what Mowgli already knows, what is the “Wolf’s Choice-Family or Freedom”?

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