Bird Transit – Station “Winter Harbor”

1 x 52 min

All birds like to eat and are busy looking for food during most of the day. They fill their tummies up until they can eat no more. It’s what they do and they like it like that! Swans use their long necks to dive deep for food, leaving their tails exposed above the surface of the water. They are determined. Ducks can submerge in the water completely, but not for long! A happy drake has managed to find some seaweed and plankton, gulped it down and is now quite full. The Golden-eye duck also needs to forge deep in the water for food. The interestingly-coiffed Merganser duck tends to sink for a long time to reach the bottom of the lake to forge for food. Bald-coots and cormorants can be observed enjoying their lunch and then, taking an afternoon nap. It appears like an ordinary scenario but the thing is, it’s winter! The lake is under a sheet of ice and all these birds should be long gone to countries in the south! Why are they all here?

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