Buddies – How Dogs Discovered Man

1 x 52 min / 1 x 45 min
Worldwide except for Germany and France

No animal reflects human social changes as much as the dog. For millennia, Dogs have served as mankind’s hunting buddies, vital companions in our struggle for survival. In today’s increasingly civilized world, modern dogs have had to Abandon their first instincts, finding new employment as family members, helping the disabled, diagnosing cancer, or sniffing for drugs. We have forgotten what it actually means to be a dog, a hunter. “Hunting Buddies” looks back at this part of our cultural history and discovers where dog skills come from, finding out what we have given up and gained as our relationship with dogs has changed. Different hunting dogs are followed in real-life situations seen from dog and human perspective. Each breed emerged from a specific period in hunting history, when each was supremely adapted to the tasks and skills required. “Hunting Buddies” takes a closer look at dog and man, nature and culture – a cinematic cross-over appealing not just to hunters and dog-lovers but to anyone fascinated by the history and development of humankind.

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