Cities Reinvented (4K)

DW Transtel 
1 x 90 min | 284937
3 x 45 min | 284915
3 x 30 min | 264916
Worldwide, VOD, Mobile

Before long, most of the world’s population will be living in cities. If megacities are to be in a position to tackle the challenges represented by overcrowding, overburdened infrastructure, energy provision and climate change, appropriate structures need to be established. Whatever is planned or built today will determine whether cities will be good places to live in the future or whether they will collapse under the strain. The series shines a light on innovative architectural and urban-planning projects in New York, Tokyo and Singapore that can be considered exemplary responses to some of those challenges.

Tokyo: The Urban Village Concept
Singapore: Embracing Nature
New York: Time for an Upgrade

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