Gabon: A Rainforest Treasure

1 x 45 min / 1 x 50 min

Climate protection begins in the rainforest. This is not a new insight, but hardly anywhere has it been truly grasped. The rainforests in West and Central Africa are considered the lungs of the world. According to WWF estimates, around 30 % of this will have disappeared by 2030, and only small tropical forest areas are likely to remain in 50 years’ time. These are dramatic numbers in view of the increasing awareness of the importance of climate protection for the preservation of the planet. The struggle for climate and species protection seems to be getting forgotten, almost unnoticed by the world. In some ways, Gabon is an exception. Here, the state-imposed vision for a “Green Gabon” is an attempt at saving the rainforest for future generations, perhaps also with the ulterior motive of getting even richer through emissions trading. After all, Gabon is the third richest country in Africa.

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