Retort Cities – How India Plans Progress

ORF-E | 2017
1 x 30 min

The Indian government is all geared up for growth. In the next 20 years, over 300 Million people will move from the countryside and settle into towns. This will lead to an enormous new market. The government had initially announced the future constructions of 100 new megapolises. But the project has become even more ambitious. So-called “smart cities” are currently being designed and will provide living spaces and jobs for an emerging middle class. Whereas developed, traditional towns usually feature dated and completely swamped buildings; the latest technologies will be at the core of these “Smart Cities”. Energy sources shall be renewable and traffic jams shall belong in the past once transport systems become remote-controlled and the inhabitants’ safety will be ensured by a forward-thinking surveillance system. But all the farmers currently cultivating these lands are turning their backs to the government’s proposal and rejecting the rural exodus which is expected of them.

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