The Three Steps of Aging

ORF-E | 2021
1 x 45 min

We start aging from the day we are born. It’s a process that creeps unstoppably forward. It involves our genes, however less than is generally assumed. More important for our biological age are the protective caps within our DNA, known as telomeres – a Nobel prize-winning discovery. Geneticists have distinguished four different types of aging, based on our metabolism, immune system and organic health as offering important insights about prevention. A healthy diet, exercise and good social contacts all together help with slow aging. A science of yesterday? Researchers at the prestigious Stanford University in the USA are now causing people to sit up and take notice. Their recent study showed that aging takes place in three distinct stages rather than gradually. Our bodies apparently undergo significant changes when we reach 34, 60 and 78. The reason for this is that the number of proteins in our blood plasma fluctuates at these points, but remains constant for decades before and after those ages. The film features international age researchers from a range of disciplines and their views on the study and – rather than looking merely at the AGE we want to reach – investigates HOW we might want to age.

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