Wild Waters, Steep Peaks – The Enns Valley in Styria

1 x 45 min

Picturesque landscapes, a raging torrent and exciting historical facts – the Enns Valley in Styria measures more than 125 km in length. The Enns itself, at 254 km, is the longest river to flow along its entire course in Austria. Meadows full with blue irises in May and June attract hikers and nature lovers, but the ski resorts in the Enns Valley are the main tourist magnet. The Enns Valley has also been shaped by trade and transport over the centuries. The iron from the Erzberg mountain and food were transported on the ‘Eisenstrasse’ or iron road and on the Enns. In the past carts, rafts and boats were used; later trains and lorries took over. This film by Alfred Ninaus shows off spectacular landscapes and gives exciting insights into the history and customs of the Enns Valley.


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