Dark Waters

ORF-E | 2023
1 x 90 min
German with English subtitles
Worldwide except Germany

The body of a 17-year-old girl is pulled out of Lake Mattsee. Chief Inspector Dorner, who grew up in the town of the same name, takes over the case. However, since he has attracted negative attention on duty several times after a traumatic experience, the young investigator Alex is assigned to him as a “watchdog”. The case quickly becomes personal for Dorner: the dead woman is the daughter of his childhood friend. His closeness to the people involved makes Alex uncomfortable, but it also brings advantages. One of the suspects is petty criminal Max Kozak , who Dorner is convinced was the murderer in his very first case. But this could never be proven. During an interrogation, a terrible incident occurs that calls everything into question. Dorner must not only delve into his own past, but also deal with the dark history of Mattsee. And there’s a lot he’s keeping from the increasingly suspicious Alex. But from the dark waters of Mattsee the truth will come to light

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