Exit Maestro

German with English subtitle
1 x 90 min
Worldwide except for Germany

Anticipation in Salzburg: the new production of Mozart’s “Don Giovanni” is in final rehearsals, and the arrival of the famous conductor Marius Atterson is imminent. Unfortunately, the no less famous opera director Roth feels so provoked during a rehearsal that he throws himself overboard with his lack of restraint. The festival president remains cool and persuades Beate Zierau – a director considered particularly difficult – to join the production. A tricky choice, since Atterson and Zierau were once married. The festival director fears quarrels. The press, on the other hand, is delighted with the coup. Especially journalist Franziska Fink, who is determined to expose the charming seducer Atterson as a MeToo perpetrator. Zierau, with her unsettled scores, comes in just at the right time. Or Atterson’s agent Ada Lubovsky, whom he is currently wooing. Not to mention the maestro’s current master student Karina Samus, who runs rehearsals for him and shares a Parisian past with him. The three young women are fed up with the conductor’s hubris. They join forces and devise a plan to expose him to the public. And so, even before the premiere, a dark cloud is gathering over Marius Atterson…


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