The Cape of Wild Animals

OneGate Media
2 x 50 mins

Landscapes, rich in exotic beauty, glowing red sunsets and wild animals – this is the backdrop to the 30-part series “The cape of wild animals”.
The series focuses on committed animal rights activists, who fight for the lives of their charges every day, in diverse protection projects and rescue centres along the South African Garden Route. The majestic “Big 5” (lions, elephants, buffalo, rhinos and leopards) belong to these programmes, as do those in danger of extinction, such as the penguins in the Atlantic and Indian Oceans, the lemurs and primates in Monkey-land, Meerkats & Co in the Tenikwa reception camp, as well as the famous great whites off the coast of Mossel Bay. Spectacular footage of how the helpers often have to work under great danger, taking care of animals both large and small and – wherever necessary – give them a new home.

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