Lights Out – Survival for Beginners

6 x 45 min
Worldwide except for Germany

Blackout. From the cell phone to the refrigerator, from the lamp to the toilet flush – nothing works anymore. Not even in the small village of Kekenberg on the Della, where panic and chaos soon threaten to break out. Soon it becomes clear: when it comes to survival, we are all quite ill-prepared. The mayor has just as few measures, supplies or emergency plans as Major Hermann Pokorny and First Lieutenant Julia Lehner in the nearby barracks, which do not even have a generator. Village priest Matias brings his congregation together, and the inn of heavily pregnant landlady Elisabeth becomes a crisis center. For once, the local Viennese prove useful: former soccer captain Laura, plagued by an anxiety disorder, takes charge of food management while her sporty boyfriend Patrick cycles the long way to the next supply point. After the village community mourns a death due to the consumption of a few mushrooms, Agnes resorts to harder means and sends her husband Michi with a shotgun into the stable. Only the two German immigrants Jens and Carola – two “preppers” with a cellar full of food – are calm and composed, until their daughter runs out of much-needed insulin. To make matters worse, the power outage also reignites the hostility toward the neighboring village of Mucking.


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